The school nurse visits regularly and all children are invited to have a medical inspection with the parent in attendance should you wish. Eye and hearing tests are also arranged. Parents are encouraged to keep children up to date with their immunisation throughout their early life. We also ask parents to regularly check their children’s hair and report any problems to school. The school nurse is no longer responsible for checking hair, parents are asked to do the checking themselves. The School Nurse is Elaine Worden who can be contacted on 0116 2772123

In the event your child having to receive prescribed medication during the school day parents are required to fill in a medical consent form for the administration of the medicine. This form can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.

First aid
There are qualified First Aiders on the Ravenhurst Staff. If your child is injured, appropriate treatment will be given and if necessary, the child’s parents will immediately be informed. In a very few cases an ambulance will be sent for to take your child to hospital. In cases where your child bumps his/her head, the school will always send the parents a letter of advice.

If your child is ill at school
Should your child become ill whilst at school, we will always inform you as soon as possible. Please ensure all contact details are up to date – remember us if you change your mobile number!

Road safety
For the safety of our children, cars MUST NOT stop on the yellow zig zag lines outside the School entrance. There is a crossing patrol on Ravenhurst Road. A course of cycling safety is run for Year 6 children in the Summer Term. The school has three junior road safety officers who regularly run competitions.

PLEASE do not use the school drive when bringing your children to and from school.

Administration Of Medicines