Class Organisation

Early Years Foundation Stage
Our three Early Years Foundation Stage classes are an integral part of Ravenhurst School and provide a flexible approach to introducing the children to life in school. Children join their class at the start of the Autumn Term and have a short induction period. Induction arrangements are fully explained during our induction meetings held in the Summer Term before your child starts school.
Teaching and learning in our Early Years Foundation Stage is creative and predominantly play based. Planning for learning is centred on four central themes which underpin all early years’ education from birth to five years of age. Meetings are regularly held for parents to show you how you can help your child’s learning at home.
Positive relationships amongst staff, children and their families, an exciting learning environment both indoors and out, wide ranging, equipment and materials all provide stimulating and exciting learning experiences which help to develop social skills, physical skills, communication and understanding. There are daily opportunities for a choice of activity and games to play, problems to solve and investigations to make. The children follow a very active and highly enjoyable “Read write Inc” programme for improving and developing their reading and writing skills. Topics are planned and developed to encompass the interests of the children.

Key Stage 1
Children are organised into single age group classes and there are six classes in Key Stage 1. Children are encouraged to work more independently, through both investigation and play so that they obtain a wider understanding and grasp of concepts, skills and knowledge. They will be working within small groups of children as part of the whole class or as an individual.

Key Stage 2
Children in Key Stage 2 are between the ages of seven and eleven. These are Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 classes. Children will be encouraged to build on their previous experiences and use them to further their own learning. A variety of learning strategies will be deployed. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn French in Key Stage 2. We have 12 classes in Key Stage 2

At Every Age
Throughout the school every effort is recognised and praised. Children are encouraged to improve their learning abilities in an environment planned to build their self-image as genuinely successful people. Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard. We provide plenty of rich, challenging opportunities to develop children’s language skills and ensure that they learn to work independently when required to do so.

The school was awarded Artsmark Silver in 2008 recognising our commitment to the arts and how this is interpreted in the curriculum and through extra curricular oppoprtunities.


  • Communicate and express ideas.
  • Observe, Listen, Discuss.
  • Plan, Enquire, Invent, Construct.
  • Read with enjoyment and understanding.
  • Solve Problems.
  • Make Music.
  • Calculate. Understand Mathematical Concepts.
  • Collect and Organize Information.
  • Study the local and wider environment.
  • Work with Computers and Calculators.


  • Appreciate literature, art and music.
  • Develop any special talent.
  • Work co-operatively.
  • Care for others and for the environment.
  • Concentrate and persevere. Be reflective.
  • Be self reliant and self confident.
  • Develop skills in a range of physical activities.
  • Gain increasing control over physical movement.
  • Make the best possible effort.