Physical Education

It is our aim to provide each child with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of movement activities which will include:

  • Educational Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Fun Games
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor Pursuits

We aim to teach pupils, through experience, to know about and value the benefits of participation in physical activity, while at school and throughout life:

  • To provide the children with the opportunity to experience a range of physical activities.
  • To develop inter-personal skills and an understanding of fair play.
  • To develop physical competence and help to promote physical development.
  • To establish self esteem by promoting the development of physical confidence.
  • To develop safety awareness when setting up apparatus and participating in all physical activities.
  • To develop an appreciation of skilful and creative performances across the area of activity.

The School has the use of the Winstanley Swimming Pool for two afternoon sessions per week. You will be notified when your child’s year group is swimming. There is a charge of £1.20 a week towards the cost of pool hire and transport. Parents are asked to make a donation payable half termly in advance to cover this cost.

Safety in P.E. and Games lessons
We are directed by the Advisers of the Local Education Authority to ensure that all jewellery should be removed during swimming, P.E. and games lessons. This will include all stud and sleeper earrings. This is to ensure the safety of all our children during physical activity.

The participation in swimming, P.E. and games is a legal requirement following the National Curriculum. No child should have to miss these important lessons because they are wearing jewellery. If they are not fit to take part in PE or swimming this must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.