Religious Education

The School is not affiliated to any particular religious denomination but local clergy visit the School on occasions to lead non-denominational assemblies.

Extract from LEA Statement:

Religious Education
As a requirement of the 1983 Education Reform Act, religious education will be provided for all pupils in this school.

Religious education will be non-denominational in accordance with the Act: however, it is permissible under the Act for pupils to be taught about denominational differences.

The religious education provided will be in accordance with the Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus.

As a parent, under the Education Act, you have the right to withdraw your child from religious education if you so choose.

Collective Worship
In order to meet the requirements of the Education Reform Act 1988, this school will provide acts of collective worship each day for every pupil.
The nature of this collective worship on most occasions during a term is wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character, although not distinctive of any particular denomination. As a parent, if you wish to withdraw your child from collective worship, you have the right to do so under the Education Reform Act.