School admissions
All children join the Reception class in September. Parents are very welcome to visit the school before their children are enrolled and find out more about us. Please do let the School Office know of your intention to visit so that someone can be available to show you round the school and answer any questions.

Before your child attends this school there will be opportunities for:

  • Parents to visit on an ‘open evening’.
  • Your child to spend time in a class room.

Our admissions are decided by Leicestershire County Council who encourage parents to apply for a school place via the Online Admissions System. If you cannot access this system then you can contact the school for an application form. Information on school admissions can be found on Leicestershire County Council’s admissions webpage.

Transfer to High School
This occurs at the end of the academic year in which your child will be 11 years old (Your child must be 11 before 31st August).
We try very hard to make the transition from Primary to High /Secondary School as smooth as possible. There is no one set secondary school the children attend. Many go to Winstanley, Brockington, Brookvale English Martyrs, Sir Jonathan North, Lancaster Boys, Lutterworth High or Riverside.