Sports Premium

The sport premium money at Ravenhurst is used in a wide variety of ways. The amount received for the academic year 2016-2017 in sport premium was £10,500.

Sport Premium 2016-2017
Objectives Activities Resources and Costing Success Criteria Monitoring Systems Evaluation Evidence
To introduce Sports Ambassadors Sports ambassadors to be picked from years 5 free Children to promote PE across the school Record what ambassadors have done Assemblies
Sports day
Newsletter contribution
To develop badminton within the school External coach to coach 6 sessions for 6 weeks Free coaching £200 to spend on equipment Participation in tournament Setting up of club after Discussions with the children and staff Local competition at end of unit
New club set up
Children wishing to join an external club
To develop orienteering within the school Staff to attend a course
Buy new resources
£65 CPD course
£100 equipment
Children attend an after school club Discussions with the children and staff Discussions with staff
To develop staff knowledge and competence in PE- Continual staff (CPD) Ashley Metcalf coaches to support year groups/individual staff £8000 Staff to complete questionnaires Discussions with staff
Staff to complete questionnaires
Discussion with staff
Reported increase in subject knowledge.
To introduce a Change 4 life/ENERGY club Staff to identify appropriate children free Children to have a more positive attitude to healthy lifestyle questionnaire Chn are more health conscious
Membership of HABSSA Attend meetings
Attend conferences
HABSSA subscription
Cost of conferences £200
Attendance at HABSSA events Attend meetings
Participate in events
Attendance at events
Implementation of initiatives
To develop girls’ football within the school Weekly sessions with a coach £1500 Regular attendance at club Register used
Promote club across year groups
Questionnaire children at the end of year
To aid teaching of PE Install a teaching white board in both school halls £64 Board is used to promote learning and understanding during lessons Discussions with staff Discussions with staff
Transport of children to Saffron Lane for area athletics competition Hiring a coach £100 Children participate in the event Discussions with children and staff
To maintain resources Buy equipment as and when it is required £250
This is also met by Sainsbury Active kids vouchers
Equipment is maintained Discussions with staff