Sports Premium

The Sports Premium is funding provided to schools which is additional to main school funding and is allocated according to the number of pupils on-roll.

It is for schools to decide how the Sports Premium is spent, however, the funding is ring-fenced and must be used to improve the provision of PE and sport within the school. Schools are held accountable for how the money is used and must publish details on their school website.

You can view how we spend the Sport Premium funding below and download a copy by clicking here.

Sports Premium funding 2018 -19 updated version

The amount of Sports Premium funding received in 2017-2018 was £21,080. £1,943 was carried forward from last year. Total amount for 2017-2018 was £23,023.

Sport Premium 2017-2018
Used for Cost Who Impact Notes
Ashley Metcalf CPD 38 weeks x £225 = £8550 All year groups Improved teacher confidence and knowledge
High quality lessons for children
Classes receive 3 units of lessons, 1 each term
Class teachers decide on units to be taught.
Ashley Metcalf lunchtime sessions 38 weeks x £75 = £2850 All year groups Improved lunchtime behaviour
Preparation for competitions
3sessions per week
Children have card
Some sports support for upcoming competitions
Some are fun
Supply cover for courses, meetings, festivals, cost of courses etc £2000 Staff Children compete in competitions
CPD for PE coordinator
Appropriate level of staffing for swimming
Greg Howes
Badminton coach
£220 Year 4 Improved teacher knowledge
New sport for children
Chance to join club
Introduces children to a new sport
Sports equipment £1000 Whole school
Bought as and when needed
Sainsburys vouchers used
Outdoor pursuits centre £600 Year 5
Helps to subsidise the trip
Introduces children to new sports
Introduces children to activities that they will do at Red Ridge
Links to ‘Fit for life’ science topic
Playground leaders £50
(buy caps, whistles etc)
4 x Year 5 children
Attending a Sports Leaders course at Bosworth Academy
Support lunchtime staff
Contributes to School games bronze application
Happy lunchtimes
(LCFC conference)
£1000 Need to look into this in greater detail
See Lucy Farr to get school council involved
Whole school See flyer
Change 4 life/energy club Free resources from course
Use resources already in school
£50 for food when needed
Year 3 and 4 festival at Green Towers Leisure Centre Resources to be used in school after festival
PH to start a change 4 life club after school
Club will run for 24 weeks
Starts 29th November
Maintain equipment in the grounds and halls
Trim trail
Gym equipment
£2000 See Ian Dalby Improve the school environment
Provide safer areas in which children can play, learn and use in lessons
Cost of coach
Saffron Lane
Bosworth Academy
Green Towers
(about 8 trips in total)
£1000 Sporting teams Participation in tournaments and festivals
Leicester Riders basketball silver package £900 Year 5 or 6 Enhanced teacher CPD
Support curriculum
Spring or summer term
PH to arrange
Had a meeting with Kiran Wiltshire at the club
Leicestershire County Cricket Scheme PH needs to meet them next week
CPD courses £800 Target NQT teachers Enhanced teacher CPD
Girls’ Football Club £1000 KS2 girls Promote girls’ football in the school
Raise self esteem
Parents contribute to 50% of the total cost
Contingency £1000

The amount received for the academic year 2016-2017 in sport premium was £10,500.

Sport Premium 2016-2017
Objectives Activities Resources and Costing Success Criteria Monitoring Systems Evaluation Evidence Impact
To introduce Sports Ambassadors Sports ambassadors to be picked from years 5 free Children to promote PE across the school Record what ambassadors have done Assemblies
Sports day
Newsletter contribution
To develop badminton within the school External coach to coach 6 sessions for 6 weeks Free coaching £200 to spend on equipment Participation in tournament Setting up of club after Discussions with the children and staff Local competition at end of unit
New club set up
Children wishing to join an external club
10 children took part in an inter school competition.
Opportunities to attend a weekend club.
To develop orienteering within the school Staff to attend a course
Buy new resources
£65 CPD course
£100 equipment
Children attend an after school club Discussions with the children and staff Discussions with staff Improved staff knowledge and confidence.
Ideas shared with rest of teachers in the year group.
To develop staff knowledge and competence in PE- Continual staff (CPD) Ashley Metcalf coaches to support year groups/individual staff £8000 Staff to complete questionnaires Discussions with staff
Staff to complete questionnaires
Discussion with staff
Reported increase in subject knowledge
Improved staff confidence and subject knowledge.
Develop skills and how to organize the class.
New ideas for activities.
To introduce a Change 4 life/ENERGY club Staff to identify appropriate children free Children to have a more positive attitude to healthy lifestyle questionnaire Chn are more health conscious
Membership of HABSSA Attend meetings
Attend conferences
HABSSA subscription
Cost of conferences £200
Attendance at HABSSA events Attend meetings
Participate in events
Attendance at events
Implementation of initiatives
Co-ordinator to be kept updated with competitions, developments, initiatives.
To develop girls’ football within the school Weekly sessions with a coach £1500 Regular attendance at club Register used
Promote club across year groups
Questionnaire children at the end of year Children report positive comments in terms of fitness, making new friends, learning something new and enjoyment.
To aid teaching of PE Install a teaching white board in both school halls £64 Board is used to promote learning and understanding during lessons Discussions with staff Discussions with staff Whiteboards are used to support lessons
Transport of children to Saffron Lane for area athletics competition Hiring a coach £100 Children participate in the event Discussions with children and staff Attendance at competition
Raised self- esteem of children
40 children took part
To maintain resources Buy equipment as and when it is required £250
This is also met by Sainsbury Active kids vouchers
Equipment is maintained Discussions with staff Equipment is maintained and suitable for use in lessons.