We recognise the important part schools play in helping to form attitudes and we affirm our intention to work with children and parents to combat racial prejudice, discrimination and behaviour so that our pupils are adequately prepared for life in today’s multi-cultural society. The aim is to meet all pupils’ needs and encourage them to achieve their full potential and raise educational standards.

We create a positive, inclusive atmosphere. Our aim is to prepare children to develop respect for others, irrespective of differences in ethnic origin, or religious belief. By giving children an awareness of the richness of the society in which they live, they will become useful, constructive and positively active citizens.

Our agreed intentions are:

  1. To show no racial prejudice to any ethnic minority group.
  2. To promote racial justice and cultural harmony.
  3. To establish individual equality.
  4. To respect the dignity of all human life and encourage the development of positive values and attitudes.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Giving all children equality of opportunity.
  2. Sharing our different traditions, knowledge and beliefs.
  3. Making children aware that they all have an important part to play in the life of the school and the community at large.
  4. By encouraging all people concerned with the school towards an awareness of sensitivity to other cultures.

“Ravenhurst Primary School will not tolerate or condone discrimination of any kind on grounds of colour, race, religion, sex or disability and aims to promote equal opportunities for all. We have a responsibility to prepare our children for the multi-cultural society in which we live and to promote good relations between peoples of all cultures in our community.”